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Discover Waikiki's Gold Coast

When you come along on one of our outrigger canoe tours, the adventure that you will experience is limitless!

We will paddle to the most historic & legendary surf spots in Waikīkī and swim with beautiful sea life, like turtles and seals.

Here are some of the key highlights of what our tour entails!


Tongs, a renowned surf break in Waikiki, Hawaii, was named after Rudy Tongg, an island businessman, who owned a beachfront home near Diamond Head from 1946 to 1961. His sons, Michael and Ronnie, were avid surfers, and their home became a central gathering spot for the local surfing community. The popularity of the Tongg family's beachfront residence and their influence in the neighborhood contributed to the recognition and naming of the surf break. Today, Tonggs stands as a beloved surf spot, carrying the legacy of the Tongg family and their significant contribution to the surfing culture in Waikiki.

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old man's

Another cherished Waikīkī surf spot, Old Man's is full of rich history. It earned its name after Albert "Oscar" Teller, who arrived in Hawaii in 1932 and was nicknamed "Oscar" due to his resemblance to the Academy Awards statuette by the beach boys. In 1958, after moving to Waikīkī, he began surfing the spot behind the Sans Souci condominium, and his friends Ralph Sallee and Floyd Bendickson started calling it "Old Man's" after him. Teller surfed here regularly until the age of 75, leaving a lasting legacy. After his passing in 1995, his ashes were scattered at Old Man's, forever connecting him to the waves he loved. Today, Old Man's remains a loved surf location, where surfers pay homage to the legendary "Oscar" Teller.

surf break 2

baby castles

Baby Castles, a smaller wave break of the renowned Castles surf break, was named after Samuel Northrup Castle's home. The spot became famous due to the Castle family's three-story beachfront home, Kainalu, which served as a landmark and take-off point. Baby Castles remains a beloved surf spot, offering smaller waves compared to its famous counterpart, Castles. Despite its size, Baby Castles still holds a place in surfing history; it shares the same legendary waters where Duke Kahanamoku, in 1930, rode an unforgettable wave from Castles all the way to Waikiki Beach. Today, Baby Castles continues to attract surfers seeking an exceptional wave-riding experience in the heart of Waikīkī.

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discover the ocean like never before 

As you paddle through the turquoise waters, soak in the breathtaking sights of this iconic volcanic crater rising majestically on the horizon. Between catching waves and exploring legendary surf spots, you'll have the chance to swim alongside graceful sea turtles and vibrant fish. With the mesmerizing ocean and the iconic Diamond Head as your backdrop, this journey promises an extraordinary adventure that embraces the natural wonders of Hawaiʻi.


Join us for an unforgettable journey and immerse yourself in the history & beauty of the famous Waikīkī.


1 hour 


Tours on Sundays to Tuesday, 9:00 am-1:30 pm


Kaimana Beach, Waikīkī 


$225 flat rate

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"Unforgettable experience! Swimming with turtles was a dream come true. Highly recommended!"

- Sarah M.

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